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    Himeko Dress Gacha - Sweet Lies Original



    It was the first store of LIES FACTORY GROUP. Something that at a first stage began as a curiosity about the tools of SL s becomes a hobby and a job at the end. Sweet Lies was born to create clothes for my own avatars, clothing styles mainly Medieval and Gorean, to continue with fantastic styles, elven, vampiric. All designs Sweet Lies take you to a fantastic world where everything is possible.


    This is the shop LIES FACTORY GROUP with the most modern and contemporary clothing. Here you can find all kinds of outfits that you could find in the shops of your own city in real life. Follow the fashion trends. In addition to clothes for your avatar you can find all kinds of accessories to transform it and make your life more stylish in SL. Show off your style!


    SEWING LIES Templates & More was born to do my own work easier, designing clothes. But this store becomes necessary for creators. Templates made ​​from the point of view of a clothes designer, because I've looked templates and textures to create my designs for a long time and know how necessary they are. Sewing Lies, and enjoys designing!